Leveraging his life experiences, passion for helping others and the insight gained from his professional life coaching business, Hills authored "But I... Said the Ego", which is a guide to self-discovery and internal analysis. He examines the dichtomic conflict between emotion and logic and the role that it plays in our everyday lives. Throughout the book, Hills intimately connects with the reader to provide clarity along the path to self-improvement.


Clarity where it all begins. This package is a great one to begin with if you are truly not crystal clear about what you want. You see, it can be very challenging to manifest your desires or move forward if you don’t know what they are and where you want to go. Starting hear will help you lay the foundation to a beautiful and fulfilling future.


Make no mistakes, clarity is the first step in every process. This would be a great place to begin if you know without a doubt what you want and where you want to go, but not sure what do to do next. Believing that you can be, do, or have anything is a very important part of the process, and usually requires cleaning up your belief system. You see, the only thing that makes something true is that you believe it.


The process of getting clear and cleaning up your belief system is also a part of this package. However here, after ensuring you are in the best place possible in relation to being clear, believing and trusting the process, we will be focusing on keeping the momentum going. This is the key to “accomplishing your goals” with ease and flow.


This package gives you the opportunity to shift all things in all areas in your life in a positive direction, as you will be working with your coach for an entire year. You coach will be by your side on your entire journey. In addition to all things listed in the other packages and your coaching sessions, your coach will become your personal accountability partner on your path to true freedom!