Very few times am I left speechless. Working with André, was definitely one of those times. Though the nature of our call was not necessarily involving a coaching session, it quickly became such. His ability to see people at their core is amazing. He was not really interested in what I presented to him, but wanted to know who I am and what I stood for and what I believed. André's heartfelt sincerity will never go unnoticed for me and it was an honor to share that space and time with him. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is passionate about being their absolute best self.

D. O'Neal - Founder of Manhood Refocused

I am a very guarded person and it only took the first session for that wall to come crumbling down. I am encouraging each and every person who may be going through some stuff, you can’t figure it out? Give it a try. See how it works for you and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Staycie Danielle

I connected with André through a friend and I was a little bit dubious. After a few weeks, he kept going on and on. Honestly, I was mind blown. I’m focused and I’m clearer than I’ve ever been and I have to give it to André. Anyone, just give it a go and you’ll see....

Mark Arhin

In my first 3 conversations with Andre Hills, my life has forever improved and changed. Andre Hills is an example of a true Leader and Life Coach. What he has done in such a short span of time for myself and my future is priceless. He truly gets you to simplify life itself, while becoming more aware of how we are choosing to navigate through it. He also helps you understand what you’re are saying and how powerful it is to be aware of the words we use and the impact this has on our lives. Coaching with Andre would definitely be for the betterment of your future.

Malcolm Perdue - Founder & CEO of Trendcabin

André Hills is an absolutely amazing life coach. I was looking for a change and he replied to me straight away. He made time for me, he’s always there to help you…

Khuddus Al Rashid

Working with André has been an amazing blessing! His positive outlook on life keeps me motivated to stay the course towards achieving my goals. I’ve learned the importance of celebrating every “win,” no matter how big or small; and I look forward to our talks because with each one I gain a new perspective on how to handle whatever situation I’m facing at that moment. His honesty and candid nature helps me to move forward.

Keshia L. Chenault ~ Founder of Key Coordination