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The Truth About Where You Are (Blog by MonDarryl)

Getting clear about your current reality just to ignore it”

Hearing something like… Your truth is connected to your belief. What is a belief? A thought you keep thinking! Is just mind boggling to me. We have so accustomed ourselves to accepting the beliefs of others (particularly those we love or seek the approval of) that we overlook our ability to reframe what we believe. Now this isn’t to say that we should lie to ourselves or to others. But moreso to state that we have the power to choose what we believe as “our” truth.

In that case, I chose to believe that I’m a freaking billionaire extraordinaire lol. No but seriously. Why can’t we believe that? Or anything that brings us richly good feelings?

What makes something true is simply whether or not you believe it. If, this is true, then it means that we ought to consciously check our feelings to ensure that it produces things we want. And, if, what we feel doesn’t feel good then we can simply exchange our present truth for a different one that feels good!

What I really like about this is that I get to choose how I feel now & change the direction of truth so that it feels good to me.

Sometimes I press pause to examine how I feel because it helps me to see why things are or aren’t flowing the way I’d like them to.

It’s truly the process of saying I am where I am & it’s ok! Although basic, what I’ve learned is that we choose to worry about where we are instead of appreciating where we are now! The fact is if you don’t like it realize you have the power to change it. That’s a huge relief because now I realize I don’t have to stay in this space. What space? The one that doesn’t offer me feel good!

I get to change what I don’t like with the understanding that once I get to my place of happy I’ll be happy to go further.



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